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Hello friends,

Its been almost one year now since we started our movement Biotecnika
via our site www.biotecnika.org . so today we would like to reveal out
the details of our achievements in last one year.

* we were able to cater to the needs of a whopping 50,000 students
worldwide, in various academic as well as in their job related

* we were able to add almost a 100 pages related topics from various
Biotechnology courses from india and the world

*we were able to inform the students on various topics related to
seminars, jobs, vaccancies, in various Biotechnology companies,
Biotech institutes etc

* Furthermore, In a tie up with Google we were able to establish our
mail services @ mail.biotecnika.org so that the Biotech students can
get customised email services

* Last but not the least we have been up & running for last one year
with the help of free servers from Google and No money was demanded
from any Biotech students in lieu of the services offered @

Hope to see more activity from u people

Biotecnika admin


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