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Askwith Forums – Behind the Numbers: The Boston Globe's Valedictorians Project

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019, 1:00pm - 2:15pm


The Charles Hotel, Ballroom - 3rd floor, 1 Bennett St., Cambridge



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Gazette Classification: Education Organization/Sponsor: Harvard
Graduate School of Education. Speaker(s): Moderator:<strong> Bridget
Terry Long</strong><br /><em>Dean and Saris Professor of Education and
Economics, HGSE</em><br /><strong>Madelyn Disla</strong><br
/><em>Program coordinator, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Center; 2007
valedictorian</em><br /><strong>Malcolm Gay</strong><br /><em>Arts
reporter, The Boston Globe</em><br /><strong>Joshua
Goodman</strong><br /><em>Associate professor of public policy,
Harvard Kennedy School</em><br /><strong>Meghan Irons</strong><br
/><em>Social justice and race reporter, The Boston Globe</em><br
/><strong>Abadur Rahman</strong><br /><em>Economic development
director, Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation; 2006
valedictorian</em> Cost: Free and Open to the Public Contact Info:
askwith_forums@gse.harvard.edu Link:
*Note the special mid-afternoon time of this Askwith Forum. The forum
will take place at the Charles Hotel in conjunction with the Strategic
Data Project (SDP) 10th anniversary convening. Please join convening
attendees in person for this post-lunch session, or join via
livestream. If you plan to attend, please register. Graduating from
high school at the top of your class is the ultimate indicator of
academic success, but for many of Boston's valedictorians their paths
after high school have not necessarily gone as planned. Meet the
journalists behind The Boston Globe's recent investigation into the
outcomes of valedictorians from Boston high schools. Hear the team
discuss its troubling findings with researcher Joshua Goodman and
moderator Dean Bridget Terry Long, and learn from the valedictorians
themselves about the barriers to success and what we can do to help
our best and brightest students graduate from college and go on to
flourish. This forum is held in conjunction with the Strategic Data
Project's 10th anniversary convening, "Strength in Numbers."



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Tuesday, May 21, 2019 - 13:00 to 14:15



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